Sunday, April 8, 2012

Working in the Evening

I'm sure everyone who take a minute to read what is posted here has a "real life", the thing that gets in the way of just doing what you think is fun 24/7. Once in a while this real life can get in the way of what we might prefer to be doing, which is exactly what has happened to me recently. Go here, go there, do this, do that. All of a sudden you take a breath and realize that days have passed since you have had much time to concentrate on "fun".

But the flame still flickers, even though a strong wind tries to blow it out. Case in point: on Tuesday an evening meeting called me to Perham. With the days getting longer and the sun angle improving the hope of a train photo existed. Sure enough, a baretable train was passing through town as I headed up Jefferson. This night luck was with me as I beat the power to the Bluffton curve.

Under normal situations, the chase to catch the head end would have taken almost to Perham, but a slow order due to bridge work in Bluffton allowed me to catch the train as it snuck around the corner and entered the Leaf River plain.

Once the tail end of the train cleared the bridge, the hogger was back on the throttle and I was back in a photography position, this time near Perham's "Big Woods". The train was making up for lost time as he flew by me with a long string of empty well cars.

And that was it. After a meeting at the Cactus, where the 250 or so attendees were reminded of the importance of calling before they dig, it was back home for another late arrival. Someday I have to learn how to schedule.

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