Saturday, June 8, 2013

Along County Road 7

Today Mrs. L4T and I had to head north for a graduation party in International Falls. Since there has been a tremendous dearth of railfanning in these parts recently I cleared a deviation from the Highway 53 routing and we headed west to follow the former DMIR right of way.

Made it as far as South Coons before we spotted our first victim, a loaded pellet train sitting at the signal.

In a flash we were northbound once more, uninterrupted by any trains until we passed Kelsey. Another loaded pellet train was headed south and a quick u turn got us in position for a shot as the power rolled over the bridge crossing the Whiteface River.

Third unit in that consist was a beauty.

That was it for the trip north, the Peg was quiet all the way to the Falls. We did see a train pass through Orr on our return trip but I was gassing up and had no chance for a shot. Highway 7 was our intended route at least part of the way home again, though, and the gates were dropping just east of Iron Junction as we approached the crossing. I guess this could be called a "leaping" shot, as I lept out of the car to shoot it at the very last minute.

We continued south in the hopes that something else would show. Sure enough we were not far south of Zim when a headlight appeared and I pulled across the tracks at a handy crossing. A long CN Manifest was making its way north behind a trio of EMD's. I got a friendly toot-toot from the engineer as they passed.

That was it for trains. The photos are not much to brag about but it was fun to get out along the tracks and do some railfanning. It's been way too long.