A Railfan's Guide to the West Staples Sub

Welcome to the Railfan's Guide to the West Staples Sub. I'm putting this together and making it available on  the internet to help those who wish to spend some time railfanning this section of railroad and want to make that time as productive as possible. Hopefully you will find it useful. If you do, please let me know. If not, I would also appreciate hearing from you so I can make this a better resource in the future.

I certainly don't claim to know everything about this section of railroad, but I have been lucky enough to live in the area for a few years and to have jobs that allowed (or required) me to travel along Highway 10 frequently and regularly. I also have had the freedom to take the time to shoot some photos when the opportunity presented itself.  Since questions come up occasionally about good locations for railfanning this line, a guide seemed like a good idea.

The guide is arranged in sections. The first section, the introduction, is what you are reading now. The second section addresses general area information that might be helpful to people who decide to or are contemplating visiting the area. Section three deals with Operations along the West Staples Sub. In Section four, I point out some of my own favorite photography locations. And in section five, there is a list of links to other resources that visitors may find helpful. 

Please be safety conscious if you visit the area. In order to not sound too altruistic, let me explain why. I think that the more trespassers there are injured along the Right of Way, the more the railroads will work to limit access. It has been my experience that when an injury or death occurs along the line, either due to trespassing or a grade crossing accident, the railroad gets more strict about security. I have no problem with them protecting their own property, but they sometimes over-react and make fanning more difficult than it was. If everyone behaves while trackside, there is less motivation for the railroad to implement draconian security measures. So, do all railfans a favor and be careful if you visit the area.